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    Solved [Not implemented] Grey out/disable functions you don't have permission for

    I searched but didn't see anything similar to this.

    I noticed that some functions are not even seen/available to the user if the correct permissions are set but other functions are there and when you try to use them you just get an error. I know it's a small suggestion but it'd be nice to have things set so that you can only see/use what your permissions allow you to instead of attempting to use something and getting an error.

    (i.e. make the "right-click" kick option invisible to users who do not have that permission)

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    yes should be greyed out

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    Yeah, the "kick", "ban", and "poke" buttons need the grey-out feature. That'd be sweet!

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    This won't be changed.

    The client get's the needed power from a target, when ban/kick or poke will be send to the server.
    It costs a lot bandwith for every client to ask every needed power, for a channel and every user that joins or leaves. This needs to be refreshed to every client on server.

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    Makes sense.

    BTW, welcome back Dante!

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    Hello =)

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