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    Post How To: get ServerAdmin Perm for newbies

    This Litte instruction is translated in 3 Languages....... i'm german and use Google translate.... cause english in not good & French is an unknown Language for me.... maybe it helps everyone.... i would be happy if my post will comment

    *** german part deleted ***

    (translate with GoogleTranslate cause my english isn't so good )

    I write to help this help to people who know less with TS3.

    Although I do not know all the functions of the server, but I can at least explain the basics to start the server and receiving server admin privileges.

    The installation is easy. Simply having download and unpack the server. which is less the case.

    Most of the instructions that you find here in the forum are unnecessary. I found the easiest way to get rights without having to write any kind of INI files at all.

    In the "Installation" (First Run of ts3server_win32.exe) are added, the data are probably later use. (Write down and keep).

    Once you have the program run once, looks desperately into the folder named "Logs", for there you will find in a log token a "Server Admin"
    Now just type this in TS3 under 'Rights -> token use "and had her rights and for ever have. further guidance, I will still post ..... I am still learning the functions ^_^

    *** french part deleted ***
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