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    Create a launcher script

    I know there is a run script but I want to use a launcher so I don't have to run this from terminal everytime I want to run teamspeak. How do I do this?

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    here is a simple shell script that will do it. If you aren't familiar with shell scripts, I'd google it. But I will try to explain.

    You will open a text editor like kwrite or gedit, and put the code in, replace YOURUSERHERE with your username. Also edit the location as it reflects where you have the client folder:

    cd /home/YOURUSERHERE/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_x86/
    When you save it, you need to make sure to call it something like TameSpeak3 or either will do.

    Now you need to give it permission to run, so go to you console and go to the directory where you put the file and type this:

    chmod 755 TeamSpeak3
    if you put the .sh at the end, put that in that line as well. now when you double click the shellscript, it should bring up TS3 without the console/terminal.


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    Thx Matey... Been looking for that...

    And I was so kindly to add your code, about how to, to this site here :

    Because a couple of us, have been looking for this, and I also wrote, that they schould come here, and thank you.

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