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    Exclamation [Suggestion] Lua window (that doesnt require a console CMDLINE)

    Maybe instead of requiring opening a console when opening TS3 for Lua Debug. Maybe Created a debug window for the Lua Plugin that can be opened and closed. And that displays real-time debug in the window. And with that have it to where it logs to a log file(in real-time) so that when the Lua Debug window is opened it can read and display the logs. This would be so that when you close the debug window it wont keep you from looking at debug info that happened after or while the window was closed so when you reopen the window it will display the debug info from when the window was not active.

    This would be a better feature then the way it is now. because the console cant be closed or reopened during a session without (if the console X is hit in session) the TS window closing. or without restarting the client.

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    The console view is solely meant for debugging, there is really no need to have the content visible somewhere at all.

    You might also simply want to debug with lua by using the simple print to chat function...

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