Greetings all TeamSpeak communities.

We are very hard at work with new builds and bug fixes, largely based on your testing and feedback. We appreciate more than ever your participation in continuing to make TeamSpeak 3 a solid product. Many of you have asked "when will the TS3 beta be over?" The short answer is, "when we feel TeamSpeak 3 is ready and no major bug fixes nor milestones remain." That said, however, we can assure you we will not be in beta forever...and probably no later than sometime Q2 of 2010, open beta will come to a close and TeamSpeak 3.0 Final will be released. Of course ongoing development, improvements, etc. will still continue well after Final.

In particular, we greatly appreciate the participation and feedback from hosters (ATHP and non-profits alike) who have helped us debug and further test the TeamSpeak 3 server. We know how challenging it can be at times to be on the support and technical side of things, as opposed to just the end user or client side. That being said, we also know many of you still have questions particularly with regard to server setup, tokens, permissions, and how to use the query port.

Server Setup, Tokens, Permissions, and Query Guides
Some of you may have overlooked the fact that documentation exists in the /doc folder of any server installation specifically with regard to each of these areas. So, we have decided to also publish the same information on our Literature page where you will find:
  • TeamSpeak 3 Server Quick Start.txt
  • TeamSpeak 3 Token Guide.txt
  • TeamSpeak 3 Permissions Guide.txt
  • TeamSpeak 3 Server Query Manual.pdf

Twitter/Facebook, and TS3 Customization
We also re-invite you to participate on either or both our Twitter and Facebook presence. Brief news spurts, tips, or general information is often more frequently updated there than in our global news area here. Also, let us remind you that our TeamSpeak 3 Customization forums are rapidly growing and we are very excited about the ongoing community participation. Want to change your icon set, sounds, or make the Client look like one of your favorite online games? Try visiting these forums and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

Dev Blogs
For our technical communities, we also know that you are wondering what happened to publishing new Dev Blog updates lately. In short, the dev team is *very busy* and it is difficult to find time to post quality, new dev blog information. So we're proposing something new going forward. Florence, our Director of Sales, will be extracting information based on his direct communication with the dev team and at a minimum, we will be publishing new dev blog information at least once per month. You can expect the first new dev blog to arrive this month.

New Client and Server Releases
Last but not least, we have new releases as follows:
* Client beta13 - Release Notes
* Server beta17 - Release Notes

Please continue to upgrade your software as frequently as possible...and as a reminder, if you are still using a Client OLDER THAN beta9, you will need to manually upgrade. Beginning with beta9 and going forward, auto-updates for the Client are available by simply launching the Client application which automatically checks for updates.

Once again we thank you for your continued feedback and support. We are very excited about what we have in store for TeamSpeak 3 this year. Thank you all.

- TeamSpeak Team