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    BBcode available ?

    Hello people

    I'm searching after a full list of bbcode available into TS3 ...

    I was searching in the forum but the only things I found was the list for TS2 (in the FAQ for TS2), and some topics asking for new bbcode.

    So I tried many types of bbcode but if a full official list was able it can help people like me ^^

    I'm searching after the bbcode for image and size of image, for return to the line (BR), for table, for size of font ...

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    Another question about BB code....
    Why can't use BB code in channel Name and subject ? (and why not a picture attach to a channel too)
    I think i'll be pretty cool to use it...

    In future beta ?
    Thx for answer and sorry can't answer about your question WolwX
    List of some BB code here but it's in french

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    a list of code and an explanation why we cannot use color and b,i or u tags in the channel name would be nice to have.
    @Baphomet: you can add pictures in the channel description using [ img ]http://...[ /img]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sintharas View Post
    @Baphomet: you can add pictures in the channel description using
    Hoo cool i find it (with bb code too )

    Thx a lot Sintharas....

    Now, we need BBcode in channel name
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