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    Just remove that permission completely and it should work.

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    Erm, did you even read my postings? Before beta23 upgrade that permission wasn't set and i was able to create and move channels into root level. After upgrading i wasnt able to do so.

    THEN i set that permission to my servergroup, tried everything: 0, 1 and even -1 but nothing solved that problem. Only after setting it to 0 or 1 (dont know anymore) directly for my client solved that problem.

    Don't tell me this is not a bug! And please tell that blind forum mod not to merge channels with different topics, thats totally stupid! The ppl before just had a misconfiguration, i was reporting a bug. I guess we all should stop reporting and let the developers find out theirself ... good luck!

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    i got the same problem.... i agree with this last post...

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    Again this is no bug! Check your permissions that are set and check all skip flags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by an3kk View Post
    first it wasn't set at all, which means its set to 0 (zero) internal. Before beta23 it worked, after upgrading it doesn't.
    Then i set it to -1, to 0, to 1 but nothing helped. I also added grant, tested and removed it again.

    Regardless what i tried, nothing helped.

    After that i just thought about setting the permission directly to my client instead of setting it to the servergroup im in. I set it to 1 and it worked.
    doing this works right click ur user in teamspeak

    to to permissions> client permissions then set min-depth to 1 and apply ( this is not under group perms this is under your own client)

    and YES dante696 this is a bug as i have never touched the perms on my server admin group and me and 2 of my other staff have upgraded and cant do the channel changes but the other 2 that HAVENT UPDATED can edit them so it is a bug with the update

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