Used the search function and found some answers to my questions, but I`d like to verify I got everything right:

I run a clan server for a group of friends on Windows Server 2003 as a windows service. No problem with that, everything works like a charm. Looking forward to updating to TS3.

All users (except me) connect as guests/unregistered users and what I`d like to do is use logging to keep track of who connects and when and if possible their ip addresses.

Seems that modifying the server.ini allows me to set these conditions, but I`m not sure if they record the ip addresses. Reason for this is that I`d like to have the ability to ban certain users for a small period (without having to wait for them to log on and then see their ip address).

access_r=1 : Logs access to the server by registered users
access_u=1 : Logs access to the server by unregistered users
channel_registerred=1 : Logs Channel switches and configurations changes for registered channels
channel_unregisterred=1 :Logs Channel switches and configurations changes for unregistered channels
sa=1 : Logs Server Admins acctions
chat=1 : Logs Chat
kick_server=1 : Logs kick from the server
kick_channel=1 : Logs kicks from the channel
Lastly: where is this log written? In the installation folder of TS2 or somewhere else?