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    Snapshot helper scripts

    Hello there,

    What are snapshots?

    They are a way to create an "image" of some virtualservers settings.
    They contain all the permissions, users, channels and server settings. The only thing they
    do not contain is the files upload to the server (since that could be too much data ).

    They are useful as a backup, or when you want to migrate your nicely configured server
    to some new location. Also they can be used to provide an "example setup" that can be
    imported anywhere and then changed from there.

    What can I find here?

    The serverquery has two commands, serversnapshotcreate and serversnapshotdeploy that can be used to obtain and to deploy a snapshot. The "problem" is you need to copy&paste the (usually pretty long) output of serversnapshotcreate and paste that as parameter to serversnapshotdeploy.

    To make this process easier, I wrote two (bash) scripts. The script will retrieve a snapshot from the server that you specify, for example like this:
    ./ serveradmin 123213123ggadsa213 10011 public_server_snapshot.txt 1
    The first three parameters (username, password and host) are required, the last three are optional, the usage is:
    Usage: ./ username password host [query_port=10011] [output_file=snapshot.txt] [virtual server ID=1]
    The is very similar, the usage is the same, except that the file is now the input_file.

    Hopefully somebody finds this useful
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