New test version of the bot:

Version 3.5.0 Beta 1 (07.02.2011)
+ Away Mover and Mute Mover now allow setting a server group list and an optional message.
o Some changes to the !botcfgget and !botcfgset commands (better answers from bot).
o Added the following config values to the bot config file:
away_group_list, away_group_list_mode, away_message_mode, away_file,
mute_group_list, mute_group_list_mode, mute_message_mode, mute_file
o Changed names of the following config values at the bot config file:
ts3_server_login to ts3_server_query_login
ts3_server_password to ts3_server_query_password
ts3_channel_id to bot_channel_id
This version introduce some new features, which was requested often.
But notice, this version needs some changes at the config files. Look at the changelog above.

More informations and download links at the first post on the first page.