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    JTS3ServerMod - Multifunction TS3 Server Bot (Idle, Record, Away/Mute, Welcome, ...)

    German users can read this text on the project homepage! Unable to host a bot? Just visit

    JTS3ServerMod is a Teamspeak 3 server bot written in Java language.

    This program adds some functions to the Teamspeak 3 server. Here is the feature list:
    • Add a server group to an idle client, to put the server group name (e.g. AFK) to the client name. (since version 6.3)
    • Inactive Clients Cleaner can delete clients from TS3 server database after a specified inactivity time. (since version 6.3)
    • Inactive Channel Check can delete a channel, if it's empty for X hours. (since version 5.2)
    • Auto Moves clients of specified server groups to specified channels on connection. (since version 3.6.3)
    • Channel Notify sends a message to specified clients, if clients join a specified channel. (since version 3.7)
    • Server Group Notify send a chat / poke message to specified clients, if other specified clients join the TS3 server. (since version 3.6.2)
    • Server Group Protection to kick people which are unauthorized member of a protected server group. (since version 3.0)
    • Bad nickname check to kick people with a bad name from the server. (since version 3.0)
    • Bad channel name check to delete or rename channels with a bad name. (since version 3.0)
    • Move idle users to another channel and sends a message.
    • Kick idle users with a kick reason. (since version 2.0)
    • Send a warning message if someone is idle.
    • Move to a specified channel if client status is away (after some seconds idle), can move back if not away anymore (move back since version 2.0)
    • Move to a specified channel if client status is headphone or microphone muted (after some seconds idle), can move back if not muted anymore (since version 3.0)
    • Move recording users to another channel and sends a message.
    • Kick recording users from server with a kick reason.
    • Send a message every X minutes to virtual server or a special channel.
    • Send a welcome message to every connecting client, can send a special welcome message to specified server group members.
    • !lastseen chat command to see somebody's last online time.

    Everything can be configured in a config file.

    Another features are:
    • Many virtual bot instances for different Teamspeak 3 servers in one bot process.
    • Automatic reconnect after connection to Teamspeak 3 server lost.
    • Chat commands which allows you to send messages, get client information, change configurations, reload config file, quit the bot and much more.
    • Create own plugins using Java programming language. Check out the file plugins/Readme_plugins.txt to know more!
    • Slow Mode to use the bot (with limited features) without changing the query_ip_whitelist.txt file. (since version 3.1.1)

    -= System Requirements =-
    This program was tested on Windows and Linux (even without X server).
    On Mac OS X 10.4+, Solaris and FreeBSD it should run too, but it was not tested. If you can test it, please send me an e-mail.
    All you need is a Java SE runtime environment version 5 or newer.
    You can get the latest official versions from or
    Mac OS X 10.4 or newer users may have it already installed.
    FreeBSD Users should look at
    Linux users should read the readme file to know how to install Java.

    -= Important =-
    I'm not responsible for any damage or data loss!

    You should add the IP address of the machine running this bot to the Teamspeak 3 server query_ip_whitelist.txt,
    or the anti spam feature of the Teamspeak 3 server will ban this program very often for some minutes.
    Make sure that the query_ip_whitelist.txt file have an empty line at the end.
    If the bot runs on the same machine as the TS3 server, you can set in the bot config as address of the TS3 server.
    Because is white listed by default.

    But if you are unable to change the query_ip_whitelist.txt, try to set the bot_slowmode to 1
    in the bot server config file. This slows down the bot connection speed and disables some features.

    Source code is not included, but it uses my JTS3ServerQuery - Java Server Query Library.

    -= System requirements of the Web Interface (only Hosting Edition!) =-
    • Hosting Edition of the JTS3ServerMod with enabled MySQL mode and Query Interface. The system requirements of the JTS3ServerMod are similar to the public version. In addition to the public version, the Hosting Edition needs an online connection to, which require at least Java 7 (because of the strong TLS encryption).
    • Webspace with PHP 5.4 (or higher) support, with Session, Socket (fsockopen), mbstring, Mail and MySQLi extension enabled and configured.
    • If using Apache web server, please activate mod_access_compat (Apache 2.4) or mod_authz_host (Apache 2.2).
    • For security reasons you should disable the PHP setting allow_url_include.
    • MySQL database version 5.5.3 or higher. Tested it also successfully with MariaDB 10.1.3.
    • If JTS3ServerMod and the PHP web interface don't run on the same machine, the MySQL database must allow remote access.

    -= Donation =-
    Click here

    -= Changelog =-
    Click here

    -= Download =-
    Latest version: download

    JTS3ServerMod Hosting Edition with MySQL support and PHP web interface available on request.

    -= Support =-
    Look on my forum post to get my contact details.

    -= Forum =-

    Old entries deleted...
    Edit (28.12.2015): Release of 5.5.7 & 6.0 Beta 1.
    Edit (15.01.2016): Release of 6.0.
    Edit (27.02.2016): Release of 6.0.2.
    Edit (03.03.2016): Release of 6.0.3.
    Edit (05.03.2016): Release of 6.0.4.
    Edit (12.03.2016): Release of 6.0.5.
    Edit (13.03.2016): Release of 6.0.6.
    Edit (20.03.2016): Release of 6.0.7.
    Edit (28.03.2016): Release of 6.1.0.
    Edit (04.04.2016): Release of 6.1.1.
    Edit (11.04.2016): Release of 6.1.2.
    Edit (30.04.2016): Release of 6.1.3.
    Edit (08.05.2016): Release of 6.1.4.
    Edit (14.05.2016): Release of 6.1.5.
    Edit (03.09.2016): Release of 6.2.0.
    Edit (03.09.2016): Release of 6.2.1.
    Edit (06.09.2016): Release of 6.2.2.
    Edit (09.10.2016): Release of 6.3.0.
    Edit (20.11.2016): Release of 6.3.1.
    Edit (07.12.2016): Release of 6.3.2.
    Edit (31.12.2016): Release of 6.3.3.
    Edit (23.03.2017): Release of 6.4.0.
    Edit (07.10.2017): Release of 6.4.2.
    Edit (10.05.2018): Release of 6.4.5.
    Edit (11.07.2018): Release of 6.5.0 beta 1.
    Edit (20.08.2018): Release of 6.5.0.
    Edit (23.12.2018): Release of 6.5.1.
    Edit (28.12.2018): Release of 6.5.2.
    Edit (01.01.2019): Release of 6.5.3.
    Edit (05.01.2019): Release of 6.5.4.
    Edit (27.01.2019): Release of 6.5.5.
    Edit (09.01.2020): Release of 6.5.6.
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