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    Solved Negative permission values

    Negative permission values are not displayed correctly in the current client. There seems to be some unsigned/signed issues with the int format. Instead of displaying -1, 4294967295 is displayed for example (which would be the correct unsigned interpretation for the binary value of -1).

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    Should be already discussed in another thread methinks.
    Its the max value of an unsigned dword.

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    Question Negative Icon ID's

    I'm trying to program a extended version of a Teamspeak viewer and i've found out something incredible crazy in the database:

    In the Table perm_server_group are the i_icon_id of some groups negative and wrong!

    Does anybody knows whats up whit that negative values and how to find out the right id's?

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    This is not a bug. The negative icon ID is related to the max value of an int. Here's a PHP code snippet on howto fix the icon ID (assuming that $iconid contains the value):

    PHP Code:
    $iconid = ($iconid 0) ? (pow(232))-($iconid*-1) : $iconid

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