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    Conreason Guest

    [Suggestion] Multi-TeamSpeak (Button)


    Okay I explain my suggestion step for step:

    The user "Dennis" connect to the Server (picture 1.).

    He want to connect the server twice (picture 2.).

    At this time is everything okay (picture 3.).

    If he close the second tab (picture 4.), than he have just one client.

    You see in picture 5., the microphone is disable. My suggestion is, if we have only one client, the microphone is always activated or the users can decide this in the option!

    Edit: I has forgot to upload the pictures ...

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    Try checking "activate microphone automatically" (settings > options > application). Then it will always be active on the tab that you selected.

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    Conreason Guest
    Okay, thank you .

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    This doesn't quite address the problem though. You may not want to use that feature, since you may want to look at one server and talk in another at the same time. But it goes without saying that if you only have one server open, your mic should be open in that one.

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