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    [Suggestion] User priority

    At this time TS3 is a really good Software. Nice qualy nice features etc but i have three things for the next beta release:

    1st: What about Client Priority for example three useres are online:

    the first with name Charlie (Server Group: Admin) second is Betha (Server Group: Normal) third with name Alfons (Server Group: Guest)

    The Priority in my TS3 Server is alphabetic. So the users are lised as followed: ->

    Is the any possibility that Charlie become first in the list because of Server Group Admin?? If it is so please tell me where I can do so.

    Second Suggestion is the possibility to open only these channels where users are online. So we have got 5 channels in our TS. Every Channel has sub-channels. But i Can only open all or nothing or some special channels (subscription) Maybe only Channel 3 has some useres in his subchannels than I dont want to see subchannels for Cahnnel 1,2,4,5

    Third Suggestion is there a possibility to create a new server group with the same right as one group is alreadey there... I think i used this feature before but i can`t find this anymore

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    Regarding the first suggestion, the first priority for sorting is the talk power. So simply increase the talk power of charlie and he will be moved to the top.
    As a server admin it makes sense to specify a very high talk power number, and activate the skip setting, so that other groups won't replace that high number with a lower one.

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    Thx that was it my serveradmin has no talk power selected thx for that

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