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    [Fixed] Test Playback

    Okay so in the options, when you click the test playback button, the nice lady in my ear says "Testing your playback sound system" over and over again until I go crazy and shoot myself (or click the stop button, whichever comes first).

    But, there are two places where I think it should stop automatically but it doesn't.

    First, if you change the sound device, and click apply, the sound continues to play until you click stop. When clicking play again it plays correctly through the new device. It should stop as soon as you click apply, and even auto start again with the new device.

    Second, if you change tabs, it keeps playing until you close the settings, or go back to the that tab and stop it, it should stop there too.

    Later all,

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    First seems to be a bug, noted.
    Second is uncomely only, but i wrote into our bugtracker.

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