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    Exclamation phonetic nickname

    Hello u all,

    first all TS3 is great wel done u all who worked or is working on it.

    now or

    when i use default text to speach all phonetic's and channel switch, leave goes on my pc speakers, talking is stil going on my headset.

    Now i use default soundpack, but evryone s having fun with that nicknam thingy.

    my headset is not usb so i use a external usb soundcard for it so its coppatible for pc.

    talking is ok its only the phonetic nicknam messing things up.

    cheers for any suggetions

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    you guys can reproduce this bug when you have several playback devices,
    ie: two soundcards

    set windows default playback device to something different than the playback device in ts3.. voila

    text-to-speech output is always windows' default playback device.

    this just might be an unwanted effect since its microsofts text to speech engine, isnt it?

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    dont know what u mean mate, did have a look but cant change anything on moment its stil crap

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    Text-To-Speech is managed by windows! It will be send to your default device on windows.

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