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    Exclamation "onnection failed, you are banned" help


    I've recently installed a TS3 Linux server (64 bit), but I have a problem with the ServerQuery (I use webinterface by psychokiller).

    The problem is, that after a few updates when logged in, I get banned for like 10 minutes.

    "Error while fetching: 'error id=3329 msg=connection failed, you are banned extra_msg=you may retry in 600 seconds'"

    I've added the serverip in the ip_query_whitelist.txt.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong, or how can I fix this issue?


    I've uploadet the web interface to webserver - it is the webservers IP I need to put in the whitelist, or is it my own ip? Can I in any way disable this anti-flood? It seems stupid alright
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    the web server's ip...and it's probably an issue with the third party software. i would check that out first

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