I just made the experince that TS3 seems to use a lot more bandwith than TS2. This comes especially awkward when playing games on a low bandwith connection:
One of my friends has such a low bandwith connection (DSL upstream: 71 kibit/s ~9 kByte/s). He never had any problems playing BF2 with TS2. The "Speex 7.2 kbit" Codec from TS2 we are using for our game channel does an excellet job in means of sound quality and low bandwith consumption /acceptable ping.

With TS3 the situation is completly different. Speex 8 kHz Level 1 has an unacceptable sound quality and still uses about 3.8 kByte/s which is nearly half of his upstream bandwith. But with Speex 16 kHz the bandwith consumption causes an extrem lag. And IMHO the sound quality is still not so good as the Speex 7.2 kbit from TS2, which uses only around 700 bytes/s (accoring to the connection info).

To make a long story short: I am not quite sure why the Speex 7.2 kbit Codec from TS2 only claims around 700 bytes/s and the lowest Codec from TS3 still uses 3800 byte/s (displayed as 3.8 KiB/s (1)) with poorer sound quality.

Well, I hope that I got the units right. Because I canīt belive that TS3 does things different than TS2. Why canīt we find a Codec in TS3 that has the same sound quality and causes no lag, like in TS2?

(1) Wiki: 1 kibibyte is 1024bytes, unit symbol "KiB"