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    "Mute microphone when locking" on by default, toggle option removed by latest update.

    Please bring back this option, even if it's hidden in some registry entry.

    Now when I walk away from my computer long enough for the screen to lock, I have no way to talk I have a wireless headset, and am not glued to my desk, so this happens pretty often. Also, I have two computers, one being my work laptop. I can't have teamspeak running on the work machine, so now I can't talk to anyone if I'm working late, because the other computer keeps locking. Disabling screen locking isn't a very good option either.

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    Think about the design issue here. Screen locking is basically the O/S saying "this user is locked out" so the reality is that it's more consistent to not allow user input while the user is locked. Generally programs should not overrule a directive from the O/S. The behavior of whether or not the O/S will even accept input in a locked state could even vary by O/S and version so it shouldn't be relied on as a standard feature.

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    Ah, but programs would not be overriding directives from the OS. Windows, linux, and even macs continue to poll USB, as well as audio while the screen is locked. If this were not the case, the feature would never have worked. If that were the case, you would not be able to do nice things like play mp3s in the background or control the volume while the computer is locked. My ubuntu box, mac mini, iphone, and windows machine are all able to do that. Pretty universal I'd say.

    Which specific operating system were you thinking of which disables those options on screen lock?

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    As a computer technician, it is true. Teamspeak is coded to mute the microphone, though completely out of safety and privacy, due to the fact if you elave your home, no one can mute your mic without shutting down your system. I have been looking for a plugin or something to do this my self, not just so my ham radios can go through teamspeak, but because my server virtually links teamspeaks. On every teamspeak server we are on, we have an "International Subchannel" in there is one of the servers teamspeak clients, which will listen to that channel, and broadcast the audio to the similar channels on other servers. It uses virtual audio cable, and its pretty cool till the server locks the moment I leave it alone.

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    I'm running Beta 3.0.15 on Windows, OS X and Linux.

    If I'm locking my PC (like screen saver) the microphone is muted - but only if I have to type in my password.

    Option to stop muting would be nice.

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