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    Addons Page Improvements


    as an addons developer, I would like to make the following suggestions for the addons page:

    • Add the listing date, last file(!) update date and file size of an addon. A download counter would also be great.
    • Display the author's name and add a link to the user's forums profile so people can send questions via PM. Additionally, a way for developers to have their PM space increased would be nice.
    • Add a link to this page to the login box. Most developers don't know it I think, but it's pretty nice.
    • Add a feature to report inappropriate or erroneous comments, e.g. a user rated my addon 1/5 but said that he liked it very much.
    • I think a list of ratings without an actual review text would be nice (I'd actually rather disable these, since only review texts can help developers and users).

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    Thank you for your feedback. I'll look into this asap.

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    While on the topic I think a field for plugin API would be great. Also, allowing users to filter to only plugins running API compatible with current public release would be great.

    I also agree, a way of filtering ratings or allowing us to request a moderator review of a review would be great. I've had negative reviews on a plugin not related to the plugin but due to an install problem with the user's file association to package_inst.exe. Was not the plugins fault double clicking the package failed when the file association was not setup right on their machine.

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    Hmm, I would like to add some suggestions:

    • some rich snippets, for example breadcrumbs or reviews/ rating
    • Link to support topic or support page
    • Link to SVN or Github page or generally development page for people who want to join development

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