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    Anyone have TS3 Viewer on a Dot5Hosted website working?

    We are trying to set up TS3 viewer on a website hosted by Dot5hosting. If anyone has successfully done this, would you please post the set up instructions for the viewer? We keep getting a timeout error and Dot5 said they won't open port 10011 for us. Thanks.

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    1,364 does'nt work?

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    if the server query port is blocked then all you could do is manage client side stuff with an admin token. you won't be able to use a monitoring script or console so it's almost pointless. i would recommend that you find a host specifically for ts3. are you trying to host it on a shared website account?

    Edit: Upon viewing the dot5 website it looks like all they offer is shared hosting. how are you trying to rig this up?

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