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    Ts Timed out and unable to connect though WAN IP or DYNDNS

    Ok my Problem.

    Im unable to get TS3 working decently for external use.
    Internal everything works fine even for multiple users.

    Ive forwareded all the ports and checked them, they are working fine.

    the problem is as follow.
    when i connect over my External Ip or DynDnS (yes it has my external Ip) im able to connect but as soon as the second one user connects through the External Ip We Time out! and after that we are all unable to connect through the exernal Ip.

    Internal everythig still working fine. server is running fine, ports are still beeing forwarded and the ip adres didnt change. Ive check the board for all the sollution but none seems to have a real awser to this problem.

    To make things clear.
    Ive also made the Ini file and added the inernal ip adresses to test if that was the problem didnt seem to matter didnt really change a thing.

    My Setup

    Modem <-80Mbit Connection
    Router= Sitecom Dc202 connected to first NiC on server
    Server = Server 2008 standaard Edition with 2 NiC's and shared Inet
    1st NiC <-Has a Fixed ip adress Given By router
    2th Nic <- Is used by Server to give out Internal ip adresses Range > 244(Dhcp does not give out ip-adresses on 1st NiC to be clear)
    Switch <-Connected to 2th NiC
    Multiple W7 Systems <-Conneced to switch

    Router Ports ports are beeing forwared to
    Ports Are
    9987 (UDP)
    10011 (TCP)
    30033 (TCP)
    Even set then on Both UDP/TCP doesnt matter

    Disabled all firewalls and Anti-virus to check if any of those interfered didnt matter. On or off same error occures.

    Grz Morrigon

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    Little Update

    I had Ts2 Running for over 2 years with out any Problems on my old server. now i ive installed it on my New Server 2008 and forwared the old port to the new ip adres same thing happens there external can connect for a couple sec and then ""you have been disconneted from server"" ive tryed everyting and dont know what to do anymore..


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    Ok i found out that somehow after beeing Disconnected the ports are beeing closed ive check it with Simple Port tester and ive noteced that befor i connect port 9987 is open and i can connect but after a couple sec after i connected i get Disconnected and port checker also sayes it fails on that port, so somehow it closes the port after a couple seconds the question now is!! How and what is doing this. while testing this i have my Router firewall tured off.
    this should be on server2008 somewhere becouse ive used port checker on server2008 and on the NiC1 with ip 192,168,0,7
    only firewall on was Windows firewall 2008.

    Also it takes around 5 min befor the port opens up again,

    Now the question What!!

    ive added a little screeny Forwarding Checked
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