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    Server start normally but u CANT still connect? look here

    Edit by mod
    NEVER make a changes directly in the database for that. Use the start parameter - Look at server_quickstart.txt


    If u:
    - have more then 1 ip binded to server
    - opened all ts3 ports in iptables
    - checked logs where everything is fine
    - checked if ts3 process is up - and it it
    - can connect via query

    and still can't join ur server, do this:

    1. delete all u have atm
    2. wget and tar last beta
    3. go to sql/
    4. edit defaults.sql
    -- bindings
    insert into bindings (ip, type) values ("", 0);
    and insert ur Ip which will be used for connecting to ts, for ex:
    -- bindings
    insert into bindings (ip, type) values ("", 0);
    5. save file
    6. start server.

    its worked for me.
    (debian5 32, 2ips)
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    I can confirm this works for Linux machines (Fedora 12 x8) with multiple IP addresses.

    While I could connect @ localhost 10011 for queries, any connections to 9987 on any ip address from the machine itself, or externally were refused.

    Changing this default binding to one of the many ip addresses has resolved the issue. What is interesting is that a netstat shows that 9987 was actually being bound to on * but just didn't respond.

    Excellent fix, thank you.

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