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    How to Hide users inside channels for everybody

    Hello all, im having a hard time doing something that i had in ts2 wich is to hide users inside the channels anyone has done this already ? I really could use some help i tried a tutorial here in the forum using the permissions system but i did not work.

    So bottom line

    1- Set permissions so guest users cant join channels or see who is inside them ( selected channels, like clan channels, general use channels should have the users visible ).

    2- General users cant see who is inside channels.

    Any ideas ? I looked everywhere and couldnt find anything .

    Thanks for any help .

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    I've set up one of my v_servers like this for a WoW guild.

    We have a channel and subchannels that are PuG (public) access, any other channel I made (that I wanted locked down like you want) required that I do a Channel Permission tweak

    Chan Permissions --> Channel --> Access
    - Needed Channel Join Power 50 (Normal Server Group or Higher)
    - Needed Channel Subscribe Power 50 (Normal Server Group or Higher)

    So All the guilds private channels are set up like that

    And any public channel I left as default.

    Subchannels should inherit permissions from parent channels.

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    Hey thanks for the help, gonna try now ( i had connection problems sorry about the time it took to reply ) .

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