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    Missing translations lines and adapt windows for others languages


    For the french translation, missing lines for 100% complete translation and windows is not adapt for French !

    1/ The windows is small and for English only, look:

    In french need large windows.

    2/ On options, after french translation, entries do not view integraly because is adapte for english, look:

    Please expand auto on next version for do not expand manually.

    3/After install, Default profiles will be selected, look:

    But in french, this entries stay on english, it's possible to translate diretly on TS3, but i need to include translation lines for is set, after install, in french.

    4/ For finish, missing entries for 100% complete translation, look:

    Thanx you to fix this on next update ^^
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    I am doing the Portuguese translation, if haven't noticed, and the language is very similar in most cases.

    About 1 and 2, i had issues also with long names but i ended up making the translation shorter. You don't need to translate strictly, what you need is translate to something that everyone will understand.

    About the "Default" names, i guess that is not supposed to be translated, because it is just the profile name, and can be changed.

    The Applications Scanner is still missing indeed, but thats low priority imho.

    Since you are digging already, i found a couple untranslated strings:
    - "Separator" in personalize taskbar active actions;
    - Hotkey actions in hotkey profile details;
    - "Server", "Channel" and "Client" in the text notifications setup;
    - The reset confirmations dialog is showing in English, even tho i translated that string.


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    Yes, but everything must be translated to be perfect, if you want to leave English words, why not, but the French like to have everything in French ^ ^

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    1. This won't be fixed
    2. This has been fixed
    3. Is a known problem & is on Todo
    4. Appscanner > This becomes a plugin in later release and won't be translated in current releases.

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