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    non-profit license problem

    I'm user of team speak. I register for non-profit license and
    I use team speak with mysql. After i install team speak server and upload licensekey.dat to server it can work no problem.
    But today i remove team speak mysql database and recreate it. After that i can't start my team speak server.
    Log message is "too many slots hosted, shutting down!". I know the license key can use in 1 server,
    In this case i just recreate a new database and i use in my 1 server old machine, Why i can't use license key?

    Why i recreate databse? This is because i create token for my team to use admin section.
    After that, I remove all user from client table just serveradmin user it's not remove.
    I open team speak server again , When user connect and user id is equal old my team id (Ex. new id is 3, old id of my tem is 3)
    this user is have a admin privilege, - -" Why?

    Hope you helkp me. And sorry for my bad english.

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    I'm having the same problem. Started with the newest update to the server. Still looking for a fix though =x

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    think of non-profit licence as with maxslots limit of 511 instead of 512.

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