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    Question 3D sound and 5.1 / surround

    I made a plugin which use the 3D sound function (fmod_Channelset3DAttributes) with ArmA 2.
    The plugin is available here (source code too)
    But some users reported a problem with 5.1 / surround system.

    We noticed

    headphones stereo emulator 3D works 9 of 10 (only sound behind sometimes you hear like in the front)
    headphones true 5.1 does not work properly (front and back misleading)

    or maybe someting must be set up.
    Sorry I'm asking but search function found nothing for 'back, behind, 3D' words.

    We noticed that sound mapping is only in stereo. No surround mapping.
    It is limitation of current version or we forgot about something.

    Note, that we are 3D enabled in TS3 settings.

    Best regards
    I do not have a 5.1 so I can't confirm.
    Is it a teamspeak side bug, a plugin side bug or this users have problems with their settings ?

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    A have a more interesting report:

    more test taken.

    a2t v2
    creative X-FI, speakers 5.1, win7 32

    I can not make front and side speakers work at the same time to emulate off centre position.

    person at 12 o'clock -> front speaker only
    person at 1 or 2 oclock -> right speaker only
    there is not middle position of sound for 1-2 o'clock,. should be front&right speaker.

    during testing 3D Setup in teamspeak every thing works OK.

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    I am definitely an idiot !
    I inverted Y and Z axis because the Z axis is the height in the game.... but not in teamspeak.
    So it works like a charm now !

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