The setup wizard crashes every time i try the voice test. Especially when i'm already connected to a server.

After about 5 minutes of talking push to talk and/or voice activation breaks.

I have to restart teamspeak frequently to get out of crashes. In which i get a "too many clones already connected" error when i try to reconnect which makes no sense since i'm not connected. i think the problem is caused by the crash in which the server doesn't eject the broken client fast enough. It always takes about 30 seconds to a minute to reconnect after a crash.

i'm running Ubuntu 9.10 and the server i'm connected to was an ubuntu server. The person i was talking to was running the windows client and complained about a lot of distortion.

Any advice would be great. I'm not sure if its just bugs in the beta version or if i need some special configurations.

I'm really happy it runs on linux. If you could hammer out the bugs that would be great. Also can the voice activation and push talk option be put in a different location than the unreliable setup wizard