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    Mic configuration

    Ok I find this very strange. I got a new mic today and I was invited by a friend to use teamspeak for the first time. Now my new mic works on skype and vent just fine, but it will not work on teamspeak 3.

    Here is the odd part, I can hear them, they cant hear me. The system acknowledges when I mute my mic or mute the sound and will say so outloud. I joined in my friend's server and they all can see the sound changes but I still cant speak. Also when I try to do a voice check, that doesnt work either. I can still voice check on vent and skype.

    I am using a very old sound card called SB Live! Wave Device and I have nothing else I can us. I am using Windows XP SP3 and the 32 bit version of teamspeak 3 is the only one that worked. My mic is a logitech ClearChat Stereo. Now I am thinking that since the box says that it works with skype, windows live, yahoo, and aim. Can the mic itself block teamspeak? I know that sounds crazy but I cant think of anything else.

    Oh another thing I tried just using the client and then not adding the server folder that you can download separately, and then I extracted it into that folder later. I uninstalled and tried again just to make sure. Now I have run out of ideas.

    I will be checking this over and over again. Please assist lol. If you have a skype and wouldnt mind giving me instructions that way I can understand what you have to say better.

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    It has nothing to do with the mic. The sound card is other story tho. The only thing that comes to my mind is to try other capture devices, in the TeamSpeak capture options. Also, when testing the mic, use PTT to see if the light turns, and look on the client logs for any warning/error.


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