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    [Solved & Fixed] identity import from mac to windows

    Hello, I tried to export my identity from my mac and import it to my windows computer.

    this did not work, is there any solution other than make a new identity on the windows computer ?

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    Its weird that it doesn't work, but here's how you could do it: Go to the client folder in the mac (wherever it is ) and search for "ts3clientui_qt.secrets.conf" (if you don't find it in there, better just search the whole drive). Then, create a "something.ini" file according to the following (without the ()'s):
    id=(identity name)
    nickname=(identity nickname)
    Now, all you have to do is import it in windows.


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    Importing an ID on Windows which was exported from Mac actually works. But I suppose I see your problem: Mac exports the file without the ".ini" suffix while Windows expects *.ini files in the import dialog.

    Guess I should a) add the .ini suffix to the Mac exported file and b) allow Windows to import "Any file" in addition to "Ini files" in the import file dialog.

    As a quick workaround, rename the file exported on Mac and add the .ini suffix.

    e.g I exported "myid" on Mac, copied this over to Windows, renamed the file to "myid.ini" and successfully imported it on Windows.

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    Thumbs up problem solved


    i Added .ini to the name while exporting.
    imported in windows and it's all ok now.

    thanx both of you for your answers.

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    .ini will be added automatically by client in next client release.

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