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    Question serveradmin and password not right

    TeamSpeak 3.0.0-beta16[Build:10314] on a Linux VPS / mySQL (not sqllite)

    Watched the installation video 1st.
    After a very difficult time getting the server actually running, I did actually get the database created and later, actually got the server to be listening on the correct IP. The startup script must have been run a dozen times and actually never could start the server with
    ./ts3server_linux_x86 inifile=ts3server.ini which is dissapointing since the video said this would work.
    I have to believe my 2 .ini files are correct since the server does run and work with
    ./ inifile=ts3server.ini

    OK, so the server is running and I finally got the token info from the screen session and log folder. So I used the token like the install video said and I got promoted to admin group lvl 6 and can make server channels, etc.

    So next I wanted to go to the tools > ServerQuery window and it fails the first line "login serveradmin xxx" where xxx was the password that was recorded the first and only time I saw that info in a screen session. I actually took a screen shot picture of the page, so I know I have the right info, but when I hit the green arow (go), it highlights in red and says error id=520msg=invalid\sloginname\sor\spassword (49ms)

    what is sor?
    Do I just not have the first line correct in the ServerQuery window?
    Or, if I just dont have the correct login info, what do I do to get a new server admin password?
    Is there anywere I can see in the SQL database, which does have tables and records, to see what the password is, even if it is encripted... should be able to

    So just dont know how to get to permission level 100 instead of 75

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    Look at there :!
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    on the 1st start you must start the server with ./ (without screen or anything else) then you can read your toklen and serveradmin password.

    After this stop the server with STRG+C (CRTL+C).

    Now you can start the server how you will ...

    But all this you can find over the Search function ...


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    1st off, as I said, I still can not get the server to run unless I use ./ , even now..this is the only way..
    2nd I have searched til my eyes started to bleed
    3rd this is not responsive to what was asked about regarding what to do if the admin password is not accepted

    thanks, but .. anyone else have an idea what to do??

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    If you get this message you are using the wrong serveradmin password.

    You have 2 Ways to get it.

    Check your Database or delete everything and start from scratch.


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