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    teamspeak intercom

    My organization is looking at using teamspeak as kind of an inter-office intercom. That it works on an LAN and has push-to-talk are both really attractive features. I've downloaded and installed the server and a couple clients to test, but I'm having trouble getting it to do what we want. I'm not sure that it's possible. Can anyone help me?

    What we're looking to have set up is a system where there is a "central" user and "peripheral" users. The central user (the main office) could send out announcements to all the peripheral ones at once, but the peripheral users, by default, would only be heard by the central one. I guess this could be done by the peripheral users setting all others besides the central one to "mute", but I was wondering if there was a more elegant way to set this up considering we'll probably have about 20 peripheral users in the end.
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    edit: in case anyone is put off or made nervous by talk of an "organization," rest assured that we are a non-profit.

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    Main channel -- Central office

    Then create sub-channels for all the users so

       ---Sub 1
       ---Sub 2

    The users would join their respective sub channels.

    Main office would set up a whisper list to ALL the sub channels. People in Sub 1 can't hear other people except when the main office whispers to them.

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