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    TS3 is consuming key presses from keyboard hook in my plugin


    I have coded simple plug-in that allows me to bind some TS3 actions to special keys (F13-F24).

    I am using Keyboard_LL hook.

    If TS3 windows is not active, everything works as expected (my hook procedure gets called with every key press/release).
    If the TS3 window is activated, my proc is not called.

    I am using this code to set the hook.
    SetWindowsHookEx(WH_KEYBOARD_LL, LowLevelKeyboardProc, NULL, 0);
    I think the problem is that I need to set hMod and dwThreadId (the last 2 parameters), but I have absolutely no idea how to get handle to the dll and identifier of this plugins thread.

    If anybody knows what is the problem, I'd be happy to hear it.

    Additional info:
    I tried to use a hook in another executable and I was not getting this strange behavior. So the problem must be in my plug-in and/or team speak.

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    For the threadid you can probably use:

    DWORD GetCurrentThreadId(void)

    For the HINSTANCE you could try

    I guess that you need to specify the name of your dll when you call GetModuleHandle.

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    Thanx for your reply.

    I tried your advice and, unfortunately, it did not help. There is nothing else I could do wrong (the plugin is just few lines long), so I guess that it is some bug/feature in TS.

    Thanx for your help anyway.

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    You can use qt for this, installing an eventfilter on the QApp would give you all the info you want.

    And the reason your plugin doesnt get called when TS is active is that the events are processed and are not passed trough if processed.

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