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    Push to Talk Key

    Hey i am having a problem with push to talk that it only works when u got the program selected but dose not work when you have game selected which is a pain.

    I know u can turn half your security off to make it work but i did not have to do this in teamspeex and due to the amount of hacks these days on your game accounts we have had one a month on average in our clan all due to keylogers so i am very reluctant to turn off the security that blocks keylogers to make this work.

    hope you can sort the permissions

    dude 30

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    Good Morning,

    the post here may help you.

    Whatever - its still fact, that you have to activate "Enable access for assistive devices" to get the ptt-key work on Mac OS?

    There are some sideeffects by activating that feature, unfortunately. Coursor jumping to the next button and so on ...

    Is there some way to configure the TS3-Application on Mac like the Windows-Version? The key works without any changes on the system preferences?



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