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    [Solved] List server/channel group problem

    Hi there,

    we have problems with the following commands:

    All TS3-Webviewers need to be set these settings for guests to get their information from the TS3-server.

    But we have the problem with this settings that guests on our TS3-server can change their servergroups by themselfes!

    I don't understand how a "list" command can allow to change settings..
    Maybe there are some other settings that allow that, but we didn't find it. So we disabled these two settings so they can't change the servergroup anymore. But as I said, the webviewer stopped working..

    Does someone know what happend?

    thx for helping me

    cya Chris

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    You need the permission i_group_needed_member_add_power in your group, to avoid that user can add himself into that group.

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    thx, now it works fine

    cya Chris

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