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    2 Groups, 2 channels

    I just about get how the permission system works now. It's overly complicated, but manageable. However, I can't figure out a way to do what I want it to do, so I'd like some help with the following if possible please.

    I have 2 groups.

    Group A and Group B,

    I have 3 channels.

    Channel X, Channel Y, Channel Z.

    I want both groups to be able to access Channel X, which is easily done, but...
    I want Group A to access channel Y too and not channel Z, and Group B to access channel Z and not channel Y.

    Also, is it possible for a client to be in 2 groups?

    I have 2 Communities here sharing a Server. I want to keep them somewhat seperated so they don't hassle each other, but have a public channel for free for all chat.
    Also, if a client is a member of both communities, I'd like them to be able to access all channels without having to create a new group if possible.

    any help would be appreciated.


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    The first problem can't get solved that way. If Group B has enough join power to join channel z, then i'm sure channel y has a lower needed join power as channel z.
    You can solve this with channel-client permissions on every user. Just lower or remove the join power for that channel.

    You can add user in different Server Groups, but only in one Channel Group.

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