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    Force guests to stay in lobby channel

    Hi all,

    I have teamspeak3-server_win32-3.0.0-beta20 running and I`d need some advice on setting permissions for guest users.

    I have a lobby channel set up which serves as the default channel. When a new client connects I`d like that it could not connect to any other channel than the lobby and that it would not have voice.

    Only after a server admin etc. would confirm the new client and set it to server group "Normal", the client would have voice and could join other channels.

    I watched the permission system basics video tutorial, but it didn`t cover this topic.


    Serious Sam


    After some trial and error I was able to achieve the voice setting as i wanted. I set "Client talk power" for the "guest" server group to 5. Then I set for each channel (right click > edit channel) "needed talk power" to 75. Now guests do not have voice.

    Then I set "normal" server group to have "Client talk power" to 75 (Permissions > Server Groups > "Normal" > Client > Basics > "Client talk power"). Now "normal" server group can talk on all channels.

    I have not yet been able to set "guest" server group only to the lobby. Hopefully I`ll solve this soon to.


    I can lock guests to lobby by modifying Channel Permissions. For each channel other thank lobby I set "Needed channel join power" to 75. Lobby has needed channel join power set to 5.

    Then I set "guest" server group "Channel join power" to 5. Now "guest" can only connect to lobby. (Permissions > Server Groups > "Guest" > Channel > Access > Channel join power).

    "Normal" server group has "Channel join power" set to 75, so they can connect to all channels.


    I was also successfull in getting ts3 server running as a service with this nice piece of software: runassvc. I tried to use srvany.exe and instsrv.exe from the Windows Resource Kit, but for some reason it didn`t work this time for ts3.
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    Take a look at the guest permissions I am using on my clan's server. It may help you acheive what you want.

    Guests only have the ability to join the lobby (default channel) and any sub-channel. They can't poke or send private/server messages. They can only text within the channel they are in and can speak.
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