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    Server TS3 on NAS

    Hi all and thanks for your job.

    I wish to install a TS3 server on a NAS system. So i want to know if you can tell me what ll be the best NAS for that ? or what kind of harware is needed.

    Thank's a lot.

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    Create a installation package for NAS


    i want to create a installation package (QPKG) with the teamspeak binary for the QNAP NAS ( for an easy installation on the x86 based NAS.
    I wrote an e-mail to "[email protected]" but i did not get an answer.

    It is allowed to do this or not.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Qnap NAS


    I am interested in setting up the teamspeak 3 server on my qnap ts 459 pro NAS

    I am wondering if it is possible, and how to go about it. If someone has already done this then a step by step guide would be really useful


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    ts3 Server on NAS (X86 Based) ?

    I all,

    I come back near you to know if, since the release of a freebsd version of the server, someone succeed in install a ts3 server on a Nas (X86 based) ?
    I have a Syno DS710+, and ll be very happy if someone can explain how (and if) he succeed in install it.

    Few month ago, i have tryed ton install on it the linux X86 server, but a functionnality was missing at the start of the server, due to the lack of some library on the nas.

    Thx by advance if someone have an answer about that.

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