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    File server

    While in the File server, upon uploading a file, the progress bar is blue, so far so good, but, the text on it, is floating to be center, so that it moves around if resizing the window, and the text is white, which makes it very hard to read.
    Even though it's pretty self-explanatory that it reads "finished/100%" when it's done uploading as well as downloading, checked the downloading as I'm writing this.

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    Ähm.. And what is your Question/Suggest?

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    Oh right, I even forgot, sorry about that, But yes, suggestion would be to shift the text colout on the transfer bar to a shade of yellow say standard yellow, but that one might be too sharp. the more "gold" (rgb 255 201 14) is a smoother contrast to the blue rather than the white, that leaves next thing, the font is a bit too small and jammed together in the middle, spacing it out just a little would improve the readability a lot.

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