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    Unhappy copie favorite server list to another PC

    my english is not best -.-
    I got a little question.
    I have installed Ts3 on a Laptop, is there any way to copie the favorite server list of my home computer and save it on a USB-stick, so i can import it on the Laptop?

    the computer is running with windows 7

    hope someone help me


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    At this point and time there is no EXPORT option though that is a good suggestion There maybe a way to copy/paste the information out of an ini file if it is stored there but I have not gone digging in my ini files to look.

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    with ts2 you got it about a hidden file that was shown under :

    Start-> Ausführen->%appdata%/teamspeak2

    you find a hidden teamSpeal.conf file which is saved under:

    C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Anwendungsdaten\teamsp eak2

    I tried to surch like %appdata%/teamspeak3 but it doesn´t work , file not exists

    In the Install order of Ts3 insn´t any file that saves the favorite server , i tried to copie the Ts3 Install Folder but the favorite list is still empty.

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    The file you are looking for lies in :

    and is called bookmarks.ini

    though i'd recommend copying the entire folder to your Laptop since that will give you access to your identities too.
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