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    [Suggestion] Server-wide poke/announcement

    Something like a poke feature for the entire server .. coming from the server itself or a ServerAdmin maybe.

    A custom message that pops up, which clients cannot disable/hide.. and not just a message in the chat which alot of ppl do miss, aspecialy if there is alot of chatting/joining/leaving and so on.
    Someone has mentioned this before, but never got any real answer if it was something to be considered by the devs.. or if its just a stupid idea which noone would use (except myself then i guess).

    If more ppl think this might be a decent/nifty feature to have, then please say so here and let the devs know.


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    Yes, want this as well, would be helpful for notifying users of emergency maintenance, when the server will be back etc.

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    I would really find this feature useful and would definitely appreciate it if it was added.

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