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    [Solved] co- admins

    Hi there.
    I am a complete noob at this,
    what I want to do is make a new group, that have most of the main admin
    powers, but not all, each time i have tried, it hasn't worked.

    what i would like for this group:
    1/ make new tokens.
    2/ kick power
    3/ ban power
    4/ modify channels. apart from mail channel
    5/ move power. ie: drag someone to another channel
    6/ modify descriptions.

    If there is anyone here that is a expert at sorting out these prermissions.
    I would be gratefull.

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    January 2010
    Secret Base in Arctic Region
    If damaboo and poisonpanik are not available ,you can send me a pm with the adress of your server (and if needed the server-password).
    Me will see what can help.

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    January 2010
    PM sent.. and thx, But all sorted thx anyway
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