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    Hosted Server sent to Tastbar

    Ever since I Downloaded TS3 and the server, I've only had 1 problem. The problem is that when you host a TS3 server the host box stays up or minimized, you can't put it in the taskbar to the right that way it isn't always there on the screen. I think you guys have done an excellent job on TS3 and I love it and support it 100%, I just think people that host a server would like it more if the hosting program wasn't always there in the main Tasks that you can ALT+TAB through.

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    I'm sure that they have that in mind, but it has been said that it is still in beta stage, which is time to fix bugs and change things. I'd say that such features will be added near the final release, like the ability to run it as a service. Also, you may have not noticed, but every client/server instance works like that, except the Windows client (and probably the Mac one also).

    Anyways, you can do that with one of many apps available through a single google search.


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