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    Question Grant Guests ability to create Temporary Sub-Channels for a specific channel?

    Hi everyone, I just got a Teamspeak 3 Server running on my new Linux VPS and I wanna make a channel called "Guest Chat" where in that channel guests can create temporary sub-channels in it, but not in any other channel like default channel... how can i do this? thanks in advanced!

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    The only way I can think of is if you grant them a channel group that allows this for that specific channel & sub-channels. Problem with that is someone has to grant them that channel group since it wouldn't be automatic. The other options are client and channel/client permissions but it is the same problem, someone has to grant this ability.

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    You can grant the server group the desired rights or you can grant them to the channel.
    If granted to the channel everybody in the channel can create temporay channel.
    If you grant the rights to the server group each member can create temporary subchannel on the server.

    I belive to use client or client/ channel rights will be too much administrativ work.

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