Hi Everyone,

I have a bit of an issue that is causing some grief to myself and my users, which I'm hoping I'll be able to get some help with.

I have a 15 Slot TeamSpeak 3 Server through GameServers.com and after a while (and when we least expect it) the server will shut down, and restart randomly.

Now I have contacted GameServers.com support about this, and the last time I contacted them about it the issue I didn't get the help I needed. I was basically told, that because TeamSpeak 3 was Beta, they can't help me.

Now I know support would be somewhat limited due to the fact it is Beta, but not to the point where they can't help me at all.

Has there been any other users with the issue where it will randomly disconnect, stop and restart? If so, is there a fix?

I'd like to have some solutions to present GameServers.com with so that I can lodge another ticket, and actually get somewhere, preferably before the time for the next invoice comes through so I can decide to change hosts (haha).

Thanks in advance.