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    TeamSpeak3 Client Stopped Working! FIXED

    Hello Everyone"

    I downloaded TS-3 some days ago to install on my Windows Client 64-bit 3.0.0-beta18 system, just to have nothing but problems from the getgo. I looked all over these forums for a sollution to this problem! (Windows has stopped working and will close now).

    I was really getting upset over this happening to me over & over" each time I wanted to connect to this TS-3 program. All my friends who game with me have the same system spec's I do, and some even better than mine. And had no problems installing the Windows Vista & Windows 7 x64 bit application onto there PC's and it working just fine.

    I reinstalled this TS-3 Client 64-bit 3.0.0-beta18 program over 20 time just to have to uninstalled it the same each time as well. I had become really upset and was thinking of just giving up all together on this program.

    BUT"..... I was thinking to myself! WHY NOT"... I downloaded the Client 32-bit 3.0.0-beta18 program for Windows, and installed it. Guess What? IT'S RUNNING.... And I am in TS-3 Client 32-bit 3.0.0-beta18 now. I don't undrestand what was going on with the Windows Client 64-bit 3.0.0-beta18!! And I don't care.

    But if you guys are having the same problems I had! Please try this and tell me if it worked out for you as well.

    -=NsK=- Justice

    I had crash only with one server, all other worked fine. For me switching from 64-bit to 32-bit didn't help. And any reinstall didn't help either.
    What I found out that deinstall does not completely remove all files if you have installed overlay feature before. So go clean your computer from TS3 catalogs and settings under program files and personal application data directories and install without overlay.

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    This client version is out dated.
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