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    Problem with Server-Updating on beta23

    I tried to update my Server, today.

    The new server-files are runnig, but if I want to keep my old settings by using the old ts3server.sqlitedb the server is not startig, seems to be crashing as soon as I start it.

    So is the old ts3server.sqlitedb incompatible with the new server-version or what could I do to keep my old settings?

    Thanks in advance
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    I've the same problem. I update my ts3 server on beta 23 and my client on beta 21 refuse to connect. it says "server outdated"

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    Thatīs strange!
    On my server only the setting-file is the problem.

    I would say: Try to delete the whole folder and re-install the new version...

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    I unzipped the new files into my directory and fired up the server w/ no issues at all. I hope you made a backup and I would recommend deleting all your current stuff and putting a copy of your backup in there and try to update again.

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    i'm back, and my server is back too.

    i delete manuely ts3server_linux_amd64 file because il wouldn't be replace when i copy the new version.

    Next, there is a SQL problem with my old mysql BDD. I saw logs, the problem is the constraint client_unique_id => type index in clients table.

    i deleted this constraint and restart my server. All it's ok.

    P.S : sorry for my english. i'am french. So i hope that's clear

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