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    [Question] TS3 events in C#

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to start programming my own litte programm for TS3 in C# but my knowledges are not sooo good....
    Maybe itīs a silly question, but can anybody tell me how I can request TS3 events(like someone talks or something) in a C# programm?
    Or has anybody some examples?

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    I suppose you are using Scordos framework. As far as I know there isn't such a feature. And I wouldn't do that anyway. If I understand you right you want to see when people are talking in realtime. But that means you have to query the server constantly for the players status. I think a query is simply not supposed to be looped constantly because it will create a huge traffic.

    Don't you think it's enough to update your TreeView every 5 or 10 seconds?

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