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    Plugin [minGW32] crashes on message in Channel Chat


    My plugin compiled with minGW32(gcc3.4.5) on WinXP crashes when a text message is sent in the Channel Chat.

    To verify that not my changes made that, I've compiled the plugin.c from last client sdk 3.0.0-beta18. The only change I made is the name of plugin.

    **** Rebuild of configuration Debug for project testplugin ****

    **** Internal Builder is used for build ****
    gcc -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0 -osrc\plugin.o ..\src\plugin.c
    gcc -shared -olibtestplugin.dll src\plugin.o
    Build complete for project testplugin
    Time consumed: 516 ms.
    The libtestplugin.dll loads fine under Settings->Plugins in client 3.0.0-beta18 [build 10609],
    but crashes on first message in Channel Chat.

    Any idea to solve that problem?
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    After disable the printf in ts3plugin_onTextMessageEvent from example plugin.c text messages can be sent while my plugin is loaded.

    int ts3plugin_onTextMessageEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, anyID targetMode, anyID toID, anyID fromID, const char* fromName, const char* fromUniqueIdentifier, const char* message, int ffIgnored)

    // printf("PLUGIN: onTextMessageEvent %llu %d %d %s %s %d\n", (long long unsigned int) serverConnectionHandlerID, targetMode, fromID, fromName, message, ffIgnored);


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