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    Cool Many disconnects on busy TS3 server

    We have a busy teamspeak with an average of 200-250 users.
    (minimum of 75 and max 400 users in the evenings or with special events).

    We always used teamspeak 2, which was stable and working without problems. But many of our users wanted to go to TS3 because of functionalities and better voice.

    For a week we were on a sponsored TS, but this one crashed several times and had many problems.

    Then we decided to go back to our own server (before we go back to ts2).

    First two days, even when it was busy we did not have big problems.
    Since then we have people dropping from the server at all times.
    In the busy hours, now and then many people get dropped. But even in quiet moments several people lose their connection.

    We are wondering what the problem is. Bandwidth or a configuration error .. or a specific DOS attack.
    We contacted our server provider. Their logs show that we use lots of bandwidth, but that we dont use the bandwidth 100% or that it is capped by them. Of course they warned us that with this traffic we will surpass the 250GB per month and its wise to take another package and action soon on this.

    On an average day .. we have an outgoing traffic of 19GB.
    Strangely enough the second day we use TS3 on this server we had an outgoing traffic of 23GB.

    Specs server:
    Rented shared server with transfer of 250GB per month (we know we have to upgrade this soon).
    The root server has internet bandwidth of 100mbs (so we share that with some others).
    512MB memory (avg use 200MB ~max use 260MB)
    CPU use 1-3%
    Hard disk use: 10%

    Connection info 180 users:
    Average ping 85-95
    Average packetloss: 0.17%
    Bandwidth last minute
    In: 92KiB/s
    Out: 370 KiB/s

    What we did.
    We turned off everything with filetransfers.
    We dont use Music Players anymore.
    We changed the codec from all rooms from Speex Wideband 32kHz to 16kHz.
    We turned clones to 0.

    We browsed the forums to find some solutions or comparison for this kind of activity.

    When we know it is not a configuration error, we will move to a dedicated server with unlimited traffic and the bandwidth for ourselves.

    We would like to know if this kind of traffic what we have is normal.
    I talked with some administrators of less busy teamspeak servers, and it looks comparable. Can someone with the same amount of users/ traffic give me their view on this?

    When we move to another server ... will our problems be solved?

    Are there more things we can try to reduce the bandwidth or make the server run more stable?

    Any views on this would be much appreciated

    Nobody ideas?

    Well I have spoken to another former TS3 administrator and he advised me to do some testing with the anti-flood bot.

    He said to first try to finetune the anti-flood bot and to put the next options:
    Reduced points per tick 400
    Points needed warning 150
    Points needed kick 250
    Points needed ban 450
    Ban time 1.

    He said to also to test to stop the anti-flood bot completely and see whats the impact on system usage.
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